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The Trip to Marrakesh (1949)

Updated: Oct 16, 2020


TW: Death or Dying, Racism, Sexual Assault

Worth Watching? Maybe, if you speak German?

Bechdel Test? Don't know, but I doubt it

Race Bechdel Test? Fail

Major LGBT Tropes: Depraved Bisexual, Bury Your Gays

Synopsis (from letterboxd): Armande, the wife of surgeon Colbert, has numerous love affairs and pursues Jacques, whom Armande’s girlfriend Liliane has in her sights.

My Thoughts: I couldn't find a version with subtitles and I don't speak German, so this was a pretty weird ride for me, but my invented narrative was probably better than the real story, which I'm pretty sure is something like: "two women who are in love compete for a man and one kills the other because reasons".

Additional Note: the portrayal of the Moroccans is HIGHLY problematic.


Queer Body Count: 1

Straight Body Count: 1

Total Queer Body Count: 5 (33%)

Total Straight Body Count: 9 (9%)

Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 0

Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 0

Total Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 2 (13%)

Total Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 1 (1%)

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