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Olivia (1951)

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Drama / LGBT

TW: Death or Dying, Kidnapping, Racism

Worth Watching? Yes

Bechdel Test? Pass

Race Bechdel Test? Fail

Major LGBT Tropes: Situational Sexuality, Even The Girls Want Her, Ambiguously Gay, Crossdresser, Bury Your Gays, Gayngst, Gayngst-Induced Suicide

Synopsis (from imdb): Late nineteenth century in a finishing school for young girls near in France, the principal, the fascinating Miss Julie, sows confusion in the heart of the newcomer, Olivia.

My Thoughts: Mädchen in Uniform meets Portrait of a Lady on Fire meets Carol in 1951. I don't want to spoil anything about this one. Watch it.

Note: There is overt anti-Black racism in a discussion about a nightmare one of the teachers had where she woke up in Africa.


Queer Body Count: 1

Straight Body Count: 0

Total Queer Body Count: 7 (35%)

Total Straight Body Count: 9 (8%)

Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 0

Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 0

Total Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 2 (10%)

Total Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 1 (1%)

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