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Chastity (1969)

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Drama / Romance

TW: Homelessness, Homophobia, Pedophilia, Prostitution, Sexism and Misogyny

Worth Watching? No

Bechdel Test? Pass

Race Bechdel Test? Fail

Major LGBT Tropes: Lipstick Lesbian, Mentor in Queerness

Synopsis (from amazon): After bumming across the Southwest, a tough, young woman steals a car and runs off to Mexico, where she visits a bordello and is indoctrinated by a lesbian.

My Thoughts: This was a very weird movie. I found the first half or so hilarious. It's so bad, it has come full circle and is good again. Cher's performance is such utter trash that it is positively delightful. My favorite moments from the first half include:

  1. Running around a stranger's house, turning on every light and every faucet, and shaking salt and pepper all over the kitchen

  2. Calling the Phoenix police from Mexico to report the car she stole

  3. Looking for an empty room in the "cat house" for her first John

After Chastity meets the predatory lesbian brothel owner, the whole thing falls apart.

Best quote of the film:

"You're thinking, aren't you? People always think. I even think!"


Queer Body Count: 0

Straight Body Count: 0

Total Queer Body Count: 13 (22%)

Total Straight Body Count: 16 (9%)

Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 0

Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 0

Total Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 6 (10%)

Total Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 2 (1%)

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