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Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Comedy / Drama / Melodrama / Music / Parody / Satire

TW: Blood, Death or Dying, Homophobia and Heterosexism, Mental Illness and Ableism, Miscarriages / Abortion, Racism and Racial Slurs, Rape, Self-Harm and Suicide, Sexism and Misogyny, Sexual Assault, Violence

Worth Watching? No

Bechdel Test? Pass

Race Bechdel Test? Pass

Major LGBT Tropes: Bury Your Gays, Camp Gay, Creepy Crossdresser, Gaynst, Lipstick Lesbian

Synopsis (from imdb): Three girls come to Hollywood to make it big, but find only sex, drugs and sleaze.

My Thoughts: There is a full on Nazi in this shit show. He dies a terrible death, but not before he literally heils Hitler and everyone smiles in reply. The Sapphics this film are both brutally murdered and in the pre-epilogue, the narrator explains that it is their fault they died because they were in a relationship with each other. As a matter of fact, any redeeming qualities of this film were completely shattered by the pre-epilogue, which was dripping with sexism, racism, and homophobia. The Muhammad Ali parody is literally referred to as an animal.

Fun facts:

  • This was Pam Grier's film debut as extra.

  • Roger Ebert co-wrote the screenplay and his future film critic partner, Siskel, gave it 0 out of 4 stars.


Queer Body Count: 2

Straight Body Count: 2

Total Queer Body Count: 17 (25%)

Total Straight Body Count: 24 (10%)

Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 1

Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 1

Total Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 7 (12%)

Total Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 4 (2%)

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