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Bad Girls Go To Hell (1965)

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Drama / Sexploitation

TW: Ableism, Abuse, Death or Dying, Rape, Sexism and Misogyny, Sexual Assault, Violence

Worth Watching? No

Bechdel Test? Pass

Race Bechdel Test? Fail

Major LGBT Tropes: Girl-On-Girl Is Hot

Synopsis (from rottentomatoes): A frustrated housewife (Gigi Darlene) in a skimpy outfit takes out the trash and begins a downward spiral.

My Thoughts: I had never heard of a roughie until I started researching this movie. The sexual assault, rape, and abuse scenes in this movie are long, drawn out, upsetting, and exploitative, which is...the point. I had to take a break to cry after the third rape, not over this film in particular, but over the fact that this genre exists and the woman who wrote, directed, and produced this fucking rape porn won a lifetime achievement award for her work in this genre. FUCK DORIS WISHMAN!


Queer Body Count: 0

Straight Body Count: 1

Total Queer Body Count: 10 (30%)

Total Straight Body Count: 12 (8%)

Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 1

Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 0

Total Queer Sexual Violence Victim Count: 4 (12%)

Total Straight Sexual Violence Victim Count: 1 (1%)

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