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How It Got Started

My interest in Sapphic representation in media came out of my fascination with Xena, Warrior Princess. For the first time, I saw myself reflected in a television show. Over the past 25 years, I have continued to seek representation in every show and movie I invest my time and energy into watching.

The outbreak of COVID-19 afforded me with the opportunity to spend more time investigating the fraught history of this representation. A seed was planted, fittingly, by Xena, Warrior Podcast and the idea to do a deep dive into the history of Sapphic representation in film took shape. I decided I would start from the beginning, documenting every film that purports to represent me, highlighting all of its triggers and tropes, and watching the evolution of representation over the last century.

Sapphic Film History is my little passion project and, hopefully, a resource to help others see and understand how both negative and positive representation has impacted the Sapphic community.

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